Belleville Wix Academy

Calculation Resources

The maths team at Belleville Wix, along with a group of lovely volunteers (thank you, children) have put together some short video clips to be used to support the understanding of the formal methods used for the four operations - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division - across the school. With an emphasis on precise mathematical language and the formal layout for calculation used in different year groups, they are particularly useful at this time of year when our children are moving into their new year groups. The children working with their teachers show us how to proceed through the strategies for the four operations using the appropriate mathematical language. We hope you find them useful in supporting your children’s maths learning.  

KS1 addition with number bonds

KS1 part-whole model relating number facts

KS1 subtraction with number bonds

Year 2 addition with renaming

Year 2 addition without renaming

Year 2 subtraction with renaming

Year 3 subtraction with renaming

Year 4 addition with renaming

Year 5 and 6 addition with renaming