Belleville Wix Academy

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Attendance Policy 

Behaviour Policy 

Charging Policy 

Confidentiality Policy 

Health and Safety Policy 

Positive Behavioural Support Policy 

SEND Information report - Parent Offer 

Special Educational Needs Policy 

Whistleblowing Policy 

Wix Feedback policy

Wix Handwriting Policy

Wix Phonics policy

Wix Reading Policy

Wix Anti Bullying Policy

Wix Equality Policy

Wix Equality Objectives and Accessiblity Plan

Wix SRE Policy

Please note the school also follows the following Quality First Education Trust policies, which apply to all schools in our Trust: 

Q1E Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Safeguarding Policy SCHEDULE 1

Q1E Online Safety Policy

Q1E Concerns and Complaints Policy